Wayne Kirkpatrick

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Christian Music Crossroads, October 1995 v. 1, i. 2
October 1995
Christian Music Crossroads

Media coverage:

  • May 1989 in CCM "Christian Musician: Walk Softly And Carry A Big Hit", by Dan Keen
  • Oct 1995 in Christian Music Crossroads "The Home Team", by Calvin Gilbert
  • May 1999 in CCM "What Makes Music Christian?: What Makes Music Christian?", by Steve Rabey
  • May 2000 in CCM "Secret Ambition", by Laura Harris
  • Dec 2000 in CCM "Story Behind the Song: Coming From Somewhere Else", by Debra Akins
  • Jul 2003 in CCM "25 Powerful People Who Have Made Christian Music What It Is Today: Wayne Kirkpatrick"
  • Dec 2012 in CCM Digital "Musicians Corner: Gear Guide: Wayne Kirkpatrick, Bryan White"

Albums & reviews:

: The Maple Room
: Coming From Somewhere Else with Gordon Kennedy, Phil Madeira, Billy Sprague

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Dove Awards

Books about Wayne Kirkpatrick

  • "Wayne Kirkpatrick" in The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music (, )
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