Media coverage:

  • Nov 1997 in HM "Hardnews: Kevin Glass dies (ForthWright, twothirtyeight)"
  • Nov 1999 in HM "They're Not Emo Darn-it!", by Amy Sondova
  • Nov 2000 in HM "Hardnews: twothirtyeight", by Amy Sondova
  • Sep 2002 in HM "You Should Be Honest", by Lonny Hurley
  • May 2004 in HM "Judah What?: twothirtyeight", by Judah Siegel
  • May 2004 in HM "Hardnews: twothirtyeight", by Colin Hobbs
  • Sep 2012 in HM "Tales From The Conservative Underground: Vol. 10 - I Can't Fix What I Don't Know I Broke", by Matt Francis

Albums & reviews:

: Regulate The Chemicals
: You Should Be Living

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  • "TwoThirtyEight" in The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music (, )
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