Becoming The Archetype

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HM, November / December 2008 #134
November 2008

Media coverage:

  • Sum 2005 in Uprise Zine "New Artist Spotlight: Becoming The Archetype"
  • Jul 2005 in HM "Becoming The Archetype", by Bradley Spitzer
  • Aug 2005 in Heaven's Metal "Metal Tracks: Becoming The Archetype", by Daniel Jesse
  • May 2007 in HM "The Physics of Metal", by David Stagg
  • May 2007 in HM "Poster: Becoming The Archetype"
  • Jun 2008 in Heaven's Metal "Paying Homage to the Christian Metal of the Past", by Lloyd Harp
  • Nov 2008 in HM "The Power of Tension", by Andrew Schwab
  • Apr 2011 in HM "Becoming The Archetype", by Daniel Garcia
  • Dec 2011 in HM "Hardnews: Quick & Concise: Becoming The Archetype Change Its Architecture"
  • Sep 2012 in HM "Poster: Becoming The Archetype (Chris McCane)"
  • Sep 2012 in HM "In today's metal scene there are few things more exciting", by Jeff Cunningham

Albums & reviews:

: Terminate Damnation
: The Physics of Fire
: Dichotomy
: Celestial Completion
: I Am
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