CCM, Mar 1982, vol. 4, iss. 9

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Cover of CCM, Mar 1982 v. 4, i. 9, featuring B. J. Thomas
Writers in this Issue
Angelotti, Bob
Bagdon, Phillip
Baker, Paul
Burns, Carolyn A.
Fischer, John
Genty, Charles
Platt, Karen Marie
Smith-Newcomb, Quincy
Styll, John W.
Taylor, Steve
Thiel, Doug
Ward, James
Witty, John
Witty, VickiJo

B. J. Thomas

Cover Feature:
  • "B. J. Thomas' View From The Stage" by Karen Marie Platt
  • "Pastor-At-Large" by Charles Genty
  • "Just What's New About The New Copyright Law?" by Doug Thiel
    copyright law changes
  • "Sly Dickersworth Has a Band For Every Garage" by VickiJo Witty, John Witty
    humor article about Christian music promotion
  • "Word and Sparrow LP Prices Up"
    Word Records, Sparrow Records
  • "Gospel Music Industry Might Prove Resilience to Weather Extremes"
Records:On The Air:
  • "The History of CCM Looks at the Past, Present and Future"
    "The History of CCM" special radio program
  • "The State of Contemporary Christian Radio: Where's Radio Headed" by Paul Baker
  • "Religious Radio Survey Reveals Unusual Results" by Bob Angelotti
    survey of trends in Christian media consumption
  • "Servant Kick off World Tour" by Quincy Smith-Newcomb
  • "Imperials Embark on 78-City Tour"
What's New:
  • Reba - Lady Live by Carolyn A. Burns
  • Rick Cua - Koo-ah by Karen Marie Platt
  • Edwin Hawkins - Imagine Heaven by Karen Marie Platt
  • Kemper B. Crabb II - The Vigil by Carolyn A. Burns
  • U2 - October by Phillip Bagdon
  • various artists - Shots In The Dark by Steve Taylor
  • Carman - Some O Dat by Carolyn A. Burns
Sound Advice:
  • "Cities on Hills are Visible and Vulnerable" by John Fischer
Artist's Corner:
  • "From High School Love Songs to the Nicene Creed" by James Ward
Editor's Corner:
  • "A Sensitive Issue" by John W. Styll
    B. J. Thomas & crossover artists; audience expectations & controversies

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