The Imperials

Media coverage:

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Albums & reviews:

: New Dimensions

: Love Is The Thing

: Now

: Gospel Is Alive and Well

: Believe It

: Imperials

: Time to Get It Together

: A Thing Called Love

: Follow the Man With the Music

: No Shortage

: Just Because

: Sail On
: The Imperials: 1976-72

: Live

: Heed the Call
: One More Song For You
: Christmas With the Imperials
  • Dec 1980 in CCM
: Priority
: Very Best of the Imperials
: Stand by the Power
: First Day In Heaven
: Side by Side
: Sing the Classics
: 20th Anniversary Concert
: Let the Wind Blow
: This Year's Model
: Free the Fire
: Love's Still Changing Hearts
: Big God
: Stir It Up
: Treasures

: 'Til He Comes

: It's Still The Cross

: Songs of Christmas

: I Was Made For This

: Still Standing

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