CCM, Jan 2003, vol. 25, iss. 7

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Writers in this Issue
Alexander, Sydney
Bartenhagen, Marcia
Ciani, Michael
Connor, Lizza
DeBarros, Anthony
Ewald, Dan
Farris, Christina
Halford, Sue
Losey, Steven Douglas
McCabe, Ginny
McCreary, David
Newcomb, Brian Quincy
Ottosen, Stephanie
Smith, Kae
Tedder, Lisa
Turner, Matthew
Urbanski, Dave

The Elms

Cover Feature:Rock Star 101:
  • "Rock Star 101" by Lizza Connor
    rock & roll and spirituality, trends in Christian music
  • "Rocking Steady" by Christina Farris
  • "Wake-Up Call" by Christina Farris
  • "On The Road Again" by Sue Halford
  • "College Dropouts With A Plan" by Kae Smith
  • "Branching Beyond Legalism" by Sydney Alexander
  • "Designing Women" by Dan Ewald
  • "Throwing Hollywood a 'Bone'" by Steven Douglas Losey
  • "A 'Dark' Apocalypse" by Michael Ciani
  • "'Crystal' Clear" by Lisa Tedder
Women Who Rock:The Syllabus:
  • "Never Too Early"
    finding jobs upon graduation
  • "Bringing The Band To You" by Marcia Bartenhagen
    how to get involved in concert promotions
Ones to Watch:Story Behind the Song:
  • "More Power To Ya" by Anthony DeBarros
Get Real:
  • "Finding Gold In The Streets of Philadelphia"
Last Glance:
  • "Where The Heck Did Hoi Polloi Go?" by Christina Farris
  • "This Town Ain't Big Enough For The Both of Us"
  • "Cold Weather. Hot Music."
Album Review:
  • Plumb - Beautiful Lumps of Coal by Matthew Turner
  • Poor Old Lu - The Waiting Room by Christina Farris
  • Project 86 - Truthless Heroes by Brian Quincy Newcomb
  • Chevelle - Wonder What's Next by Ginny McCabe
  • Cadet - Observatory by Dave Urbanski
  • The Swift - The Swift by Brian Quincy Newcomb
  • Starflyer 59 - Can't Stop Eating EP by Christina Farris
  • All Star United - Revolution by Dave Urbanski
  • Stacie Orrico - Say It Again by David McCreary
  • various artists - Let's Roll: Together in Unity, Faith, and Hope by Ginny McCabe

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