CCM, Mar 2008, vol. 30, iss. 8

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Writers in this Issue
Argyrakis, Andy
Black, Beau
Cartwright, Grace C.
Clark, Ryan
Conner, Matt
Connor, Lizza
Durham, Paul
Farias, Andree
Giglio, Louie
Harms, Jonathan Issac
Harrold, Rachel
Lusk, Caroline
McCreary, David
Moist, Brad
Moore, Johnston
Newcomb, Brian Quincy
Schwab, Andrew
Shore, Tony
Troup, Kevin
Williams, Lindsay

The Afters

Cover Feature:Article:What Now!:Story Behind the Song:New Noise:Roots:Ask Your Favorite Artist:In The Studio:Things I ♥:Top Gear:
  • "The Hook-Up" by Kevin Troup
In Review:Tour Scrapbook:The Final Word:
  • "The Fat Is Gone" by Louie Giglio
Trend Watch:
  • "Where Did My CCM Magazine Go" by Beau Black
    trends toward digital in the magazine industry, upcoming changes to CCM magazine
Faith on the Move:

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