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Cover for 1 May 2017, featuring MercyMe

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CCM Digital continues coverage of Christian music in the same vein of coverage as the print publication it replaces.

After printing the final issue of CCM in 2008, Salem Publishing continued sporadically publishing under the title. In late 2009 it was announced that CCM would be revived in a digital format and published monthly.

The new magazine was initially edited by Lindsay Williams before permanent editor Caroline Lusk was installed. The publication took advantage of digital features, sometimes offering videos as the bulk of or as an enhancement to, articles.

The new magazine offers little in the way of news delivery (Nothing similar to the "On the Beat" type section). The publication follows the same philosophy as its print predecessor, doing covers on "sure bets" and CCM staple artists rather than fringe acts. Praise and worship music takes a sizable portion of many issues.

Publication ceased at the end of 2017.

General info

First issue: 2009
Final issue: 15 December 2017
Replaces CCM

Publisher: Salem Media (Nashville, TN)

Articles about CCM Digital:

  • December 2013 in CCM Digital "In [His/Her] Own Words: CCM Digital, 2013 covers recapped"
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