CCM Digital, Jan 2011

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Cover of CCM Digital, Jan 2011, featuring Brandon Heath
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Writers in this Issue
Argyrakis, Andy
Aspinwall, Grace S.
Cartwright, Grace C.
Conner, Matt
Ferguson, Rachel
Greer, Andrew
Hoernschemeyer, Emily
Jackson, Tom
Lusk, Caroline

Brandon Heath

Cover Feature:Article:
  • "7x70: Chris August Embraces the cost of forgiveness and the price of freedom" by Caroline Lusk
  • "2011: Expanding Our Walls" by Grace C. Cartwright
  • "365 Days Later... Haiti's Still Hurting" by Caroline Lusk
  • "Songs for the Generations" by Emily Hoernschemeyer
  • "Passion [City]" by Emily Hoernschemeyer
    Passion City Church, Atlanta; Louie Giglio
Musicians Corner: Story Behind the Song:Musicians Corner: The Voice Box:
  • "Music and the Many Sounds of Worship" by Rachel Ferguson
The Fringe:What's New:Musicians Corner: Writer's Room:Musicians Corner: In the Studio:CCM: Community:
  • "Happy New Year!"
Out & About by Andy Argyrakis

Reviews & New Releases:Tour Spotlight:CCM: Christ:Mission Matters:
  • "Human Trafficking" by Matt Conner
Musicians Corner: Performer's Edge:
  • "Are You a Fine Metal or Goulash?" by Tom Jackson

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