Sleeping at Last

Media coverage:

  • Mar 2004 in Relevant "Spotlight: Sleeping at Last", by Scott Stegenga
  • Sep 2004 in HM "Live Report: Cornerstone, The Alarm, Sleeping at Last, Norma Jean, As I Lay Dying", by Doug Van Pelt
  • Dec 2010 in CCM Digital "What's New: Sleeping at Last", by Andy Argyrakis
  • Aug 2012 in CCM Digital "The Fringe: Sleeping at Last", by Matt Conner
  • Jan 2013 in HM "Hardnews: Quick & Concise: Sleeping at Last announce series of EP releases"
  • Nov 2014 in Relevant "The Drop: Conversation: Ryan O'Neal on his 'Atlas' Project, Creativity, and Faith"

Albums & reviews:

: Capture
: Ghosts
: Keep No Score
: Storyboards
: Yearbook: October
: Yearbook
: Atlas: Darkness

: Atlas: Year One

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