HM, Jan / Feb 2000, #81

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Cover of HM, Jan / Feb 2000 #81, featuring Tourniquet
Writers in this Issue
(a girl called), Gordon
Bandoppler, Treble
Beeman, Bob
Bixler, David
Crabb II, Kemper B.
Konieczko, Melissa Marie
MacIntosh, Dan
Moe, Cynthia
Pogge, David M
Sant, John
Scheetz, Jeff
Sondova, Amy
Van Pelt, Doug
Vasey, Karen
Wilson, Gord


Cover Feature:
  • "Seeing Past The Trees" by Dan MacIntosh
Article:So & So Says....:Album Review:
  • Stavesacre - Speakeasy by Doug Van Pelt
  • Training For Utopia - Throwing A Wrench Into The American Music Machine by David Bixler
  • Grammatrain - Live 12-07-98 by Gordon (a girl called)
  • Blindside - A Thought Crushed My Mind by David M Pogge
  • Extol - Mesmerized by David Bixler
  • Denison Marrs - Holding Hands @ 35,000 Feet by David M Pogge
  • Wooky - Pseudo by David M Pogge
  • Hangnail - Hangnail by David M Pogge
  • Bleach - Bleach by David M Pogge
  • Starflyer 59 - Everybody Makes Mistakes by David M Pogge
  • Wyrick - Aggressive State (of Christianity) by David M Pogge
  • Beanbag - Free Signal by David M Pogge
  • Damask Rose - Point of View by David M Pogge
  • Point of Recognition - The Admiration of a Son by David M Pogge
  • Five Iron Frenzy - Proof That The Youth Are Revolting by David M Pogge
  • Lugnut - ...Like The Dickens... by David Bixler
  • Microscopic - Microscopic by David Bixler
  • Flight 180 - Lineup by Gordon (a girl called)
  • The W's - Trouble With X by Gordon (a girl called)
  • Stereo Deluxx - So Clearly by Gordon (a girl called)
  • David Heavener - Outlaw Prophet by Gordon (a girl called)
  • The Skadaddles - Thanx For Laughing by David M Pogge
  • All Access - Rock N' Roll Show by David M Pogge
  • Creed - Human Clay by Doug Van Pelt
  • Seventh Day Slumber - Matthew Twenty Five by Gordon (a girl called)
  • John Elefante - Defying Gravity by Gordon (a girl called)
  • Shifter 5 - Stranded In Coolsville by David M Pogge
  • various artists - Rockabilly & Western Gospel Hymns by David M Pogge
  • Audio Adrenaline - Underdog by David M Pogge
  • various artists - Tooth & Nail Television [video] by Gordon (a girl called)
Concert Review:
  • Disciple by David Bixler
  • "Vision Music Festival" by Gordon (a girl called)
The Christian and Art: "The Sons of Issachar: Knowing What Israel Should Do, Part XIV" by Kemper B. Crabb II

Pastor Bob's Column: "What Makes A Band Successful" by Pastor Bob

Poster:Licks & Tricks by Jeff Scheetz

HM Back Page: "Parental Advisory: Christian Music Is Pastoral"

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