HM, Mar / Apr 2000, #82

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Cover of HM, Mar / Apr 2000 #82, featuring PAX217
Writers in this Issue
(a girl called), Gordon
Beeman, Bob
Crabb II, Kemper B.
DiBiase, John
Fitch, Gregory
Hall, Kimberly
Johnston, Daniel
MacIntosh, Dan
McCabe, Ginny
McGovern, Brian Vincent
Mengden, Ben
Moe, Cynthia
Pogge, David M
Scheetz, Jeff
Scott, Steve "Looseunit"
Sondova, Amy
Sutton, Val
Van Pelt, Doug


Cover Feature:
  • "Look Ma, We Got Signed" by David M Pogge
Article:So & So Says....:Album Review:Concert Review:Event Review:
  • "Christmas Rock Night" by Steve "Looseunit" Scott
    Christmas Rock Night 1999
The Christian and Art: "The Sons of Issachar: Knowing What Israel Should Do, Part XV" by Kemper B. Crabb II

Pastor Bob's Column by Pastor Bob

Poster:Licks & Tricks by Jeff Scheetz

HM Back Page: "Breaking The Law"

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