No Innocent Victim

On the cover
HM, November / December 2005 #116
November 2005

Media coverage:

  • Spr 1996 in Garlic Press "Interview: No Innocent Victim"
  • Nov 1996 in HM "No Innocent Victim", by Ginny McCabe
  • Sep 1997 in HM "N O I N N O C E N T V I C T I M", by Eric Shirey
  • May 1998 in HM "Concert Review: No Innocent Victim, Embodyment", by Doug Van Pelt
  • Jul 1999 in HM "No Innocent Victim", by Eric Shirey
  • Sep 2000 in HM "Concert Review: Southern Cali Hardcore For The Kids", by Joshua Seibert
  • May 2001 in HM "Road Rage", by Tim McCready
  • Jan 2005 in HM "Hardnews: Quick & Concise: No Innocent Victim"
  • Mar 2005 in HM "Live Report: No Innocent Victim, Sinai Beach, First Blood", by Tiffany Chow
  • Nov 2005 in HM "Hardcore Revival Revue", by Doug Van Pelt

Albums & reviews:

: Strength
: Prepared for War with Overcome, Clay
: No Compromise

: Flesh and Blood
: Tipping The Scales
: To Burn Again

Books about No Innocent Victim

  • "No Innocent Victim (a.k.a. NIV)" in The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music (, )
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