HM, Sep / Oct 2001, #91

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Cover of HM, Sep / Oct 2001 #91, featuring P.O.D.
Writers in this Issue
Argyrakis, Andy
Bandoppler, Treble
Beeman, Bob
Campbell, Earl
Crabb II, Kemper B.
Dodd, Jason E
Estey, Chris
Farmer, Michial
Frost, Mike D.
Jackson, Melba
Johnson, Matt
Jones, Jason
Jones, Sarah
Keyes, J. Edward
Kid, Kern County
Lakes, Joi
MacIntosh, Dan
McCready, Tim
Moore, Annie
Olson, Chad
Pogge, David M
Rake, Jamie Lee
Reed, Bethany
Short, Chris M.
Spencer, Josh
Van Pelt, Doug


Cover Feature:
  • "The Prevailing Love" by Chris M. Short
  • "Youthful Aliens" by Joi Lakes
  • "Spiking Their Punch" by Tim McCready
  • "Punctuating A Breath" by David M Pogge
  • "Saints And Sailors" by Sarah Jones
  • "Lightning Strikes Not Once But Twice For || Part Two" by Chris Estey
  • "Wrapped Up In Ribbons & Bows: The Life Death and Resurrection of Daniel Amos" by J. Edward Keyes
  • "One More Time" by Bethany Reed
  • "Crunch On This" by Chad Olson
  • "Stay Clear of the Star-On Machine" by Michial Farmer
  • "When Patriarchs Go" by Dan MacIntosh
  • "Heavy Metal Isn't For Armenians" by Matt Johnson
Hardnews:So & So Says....:Album Review:Event Review:
  • "Summer Festivals 2001" by Doug Van Pelt, Jason E Dodd
    Onefest, Cornerstone, Tomfest, Sonshine Festival
Editorials, opinion, and commentary:
  • "All Is Vanity?" by Chris Estey
The Christian and Art: "The Sons of Issachar: Knowing What Israel Should Do, Part XXIV" by Kemper B. Crabb II

Pastor Bob's Column by Pastor Bob

HM Back Page: "Life's Essential"

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