HM, Nov / Dec 2001, #92

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Cover of HM, Nov / Dec 2001 #92, featuring Relient K, Five Iron Frenzy
Writers in this Issue
Argyrakis, Andy
Bandoppler, Treble
Beeman, Bob
Campbell, Earl
Crabb II, Kemper B.
Dodd, Jason E
Estey, Chris
Farmer, Michial
Jakymec, Fay
Johnson, Matt
Jones, Sarah
Kid, Kern County
Lakes, Joi
McCready, Tim
Patton, Christopher
Pogge, David M
Rake, Jamie Lee
Reed, Bethany
Short, Chris M.
Spencer, Josh
Strole, L Jeanette
Taylor, Terry Scott
Van Pelt, Doug
Wilson, Gord

Relient K, Five Iron Frenzy

Cover Feature:Article:Hardnews:So & So Says....:Truth In Hip-Hop:Christians In Rock:
  • Love in the Western World by Gord Wilson
Album Review:Event Review:
  • Purple Door 2001 by Tim McCready
  • Furnace Fest 2001 by Christopher Patton
Editorials, opinion, and commentary:
  • "Of Legends, Punks, and Backstage Passes" by Terry Scott Taylor
The Christian and Art: "The Sons of Issachar: Knowing What Israel Should Do, Part XXV" by Kemper B. Crabb II

Pastor Bob's Column: "Sound Advice" by Pastor Bob

HM Back Page: "Beginning With The End In Mind..."

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