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Cover for July 2013, featuring Deuteronomium

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About Heaven's Metal

Heaven's Metal was originally published from 1985 until 1995, when the name was changed to HM, reflecting changes in the music marketplace. Though many still refer to HM as Heaven's Metal, our listings for HM include those early issues, and show the publication as a single magazine.

The title Heaven's Metal was resurrected in late 2004, resuming the numbering from the title change. These listings reflect the resumed title as a separate lineage, as the new publication has a much tighter focus than HM ever did.

While HM published it's final print edition in 2011, Heaven's Metal lasted into 2012, and dissolved into HM's online publication the following year.

Heaven's Metal still publishes reviews and occasional features as a blog.

General info

First issue: December 2004 / January 2005
Final issue: August 2013
Merges into HM

Publisher: (Austin, TX)


Founder - Doug Van Pelt

Columns & regular features

Pastor Bob's International Report: Briefs on international scene metal bands.
Throwing Down the Gauntlet: Steve Rowe.

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