Further Seems Forever

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HM, May / June 2003 #101
May 2003

HM, October 2012 #160
October 2012

Media coverage:

  • Mar 2001 in HM "Further Seems Forever", by Katherine L Gutwein
  • Jan 2003 in HM "Further Seems Forever"
  • Jan 2003 in HM "Poster: Further Seems Forever"
  • Mar 2003 in 7ball "Sticking Together When The Chips Are Down", by David Drury
  • May 2003 in HM "Further Seems Forever", by Adam Robinson
  • Jun 2003 in CCM "Furthering The Fire", by David McCreary
  • Mar 2004 in HM "Hardnews: Further Seems Forever Lose Gleason"
  • Mar 2004 in CCM "The Verdict Is In: 'Rock & Roll Is Here To Stay'", by Anthony DeBarros
  • Sep 2004 in HM "Further Seems Forever", by James Wertz
  • Mar 2006 in HM "Hardnews: Quick & Concise: Further Seems Forever"
  • Oct 2012 in HM "Timing", by Bear Frazer

Albums & reviews:

: The Moon Is Down
: How to Start a Fire
: Hide Nothing
: Hope This Finds You Well

: The Final Curtain

: Penny Black

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