HM, Mar / Apr 2003, #100

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Cover of HM, Mar / Apr 2003 #100, featuring artwork by Derek Hess
Writers in this Issue
Allen, David
Aragon, Matt
Baker, Steve
Bullard, Kevin
Chalmers, Phil
Ellinger, Jeffrey
Fitzhugh, Bruce
Hurley, Lonny
Isaac, Daniel
Jenison, David A.
Keen, Bryan
Kid, Kern County
MacIntosh, Dan
Morrow, Matt
O'Riley, P.T.
Olson, Chad
Pogge, David M
Rake, Jamie Lee
Rhorer, Sean Patrick
Robinson, Adam
Rose, Christopher
Sphere of Hip Hop Editors
Stress, Kriss
Van Pelt, Doug
Werkheiser, Seth
Wighaman, Chris
Wiitala, Christopher

artwork by Derek Hess

Cover Feature:Article:Who Do You Say That I Am?:Hardnews:Morrow Metal Report:Truth In Hip-Hop:
  • Grits - The Art of Translation by Sphere of Hip Hop Editors
  • L.A. Symphony - Baloney by Sphere of Hip Hop Editors
  • Sean Slaughter - The World is Not Enough by Sphere of Hip Hop Editors
Album Review:Pick of the Litter:Live Report:The Way I See It by Chris Wighaman

Guest Editorial: "So... You Want A Record Deal?" by Steve Baker

Guest Editorial: "Consistency Through Priorities" by David Allen

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        Issue list        
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