HM, Jan / Feb 2003, #99

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Cover of HM, Jan / Feb 2003 #99, featuring XdiscipleX AD
Writers in this Issue
(a girl called), Gordon
Allen, David
Bard, Zach
Beeman, Bob
Day, Sarah
Hurley, Lonny
Isaac, Daniel
Jackson, Melba
Keen, Bryan
Kid, Kern County
MacIntosh, Dan
Mendez, Mari
Morrow, Matt
Newcomb, Brian Quincy
Olson, Chad
Rake, Jamie Lee
Robinson, Adam
Rose, Christopher
Taylor, Staples
Taylor, Terry Scott
Thompson, John J.
Van Pelt, Doug

Cover Feature:Article:Hardnews:So & So Says....:Truth In Hip-Hop:Album Review:Live Report:Magazine Review:
  • The Underground #28 by David Allen
  • Flame Resistant, 2002 #13 by Lonny Hurley
Sound Advice: "First Love, Part 2" by Pastor Bob

The Insider:
  • "What Jesus Wouldn't Do" by Staples Taylor
    on CCM subsculture
Here I Am, There You Are:Poster:

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