Scott Wesley Brown

Media coverage:

  • Apr 1980 in CCM "An Artist Speaks Out", by Scott Wesley Brown
  • May 1981 in CCM "Talent: From SWB With Love", by Paul Baker
  • Nov 1983 in Charisma "News & Views: Singer Scott Wesley Brown Makes Quiet Trip To Russia"
  • Jan 1986 in CCM "Back From The U.S.S.R.", by Don Cusic
  • Jun 1987 in Charisma "Music: Will He Be A Superstar?", by Steve Lawson
  • Jan 1988 in CCM "Notebook: Musical Musician"
  • Mar 1989 in CCM "Notebook: 'Musicianaries' Visit Ends of the Earth", by Ruth Ann Lutzweiler
  • Sep 1989 in CCM "Notebook: Radio Listeners Plead, 'Please Don't Send Me To Africa'"
  • May 1990 in CCM "Musicianaries For Christ: Musicianaries For Christ", by David Geisler
  • Feb 2012 in HM "Tales From The Conservative Underground: Please Don't Send Me to Church Camp", by Matt Francis

Albums & reviews:

: Scott Wesley Brown
: I Am A Christian
: I'm Not Religious, I Just Love the Lord
: One Step Closer
: Signature
: All My Best
: Kingdom of Love
: Somebody's Brother
: The Language of Jesus is Love
: To the Ends of the Earth
: Living in the Comfort Zone
: The Passionate Pursuit
: The Scott Wesley Brown Collection

: Out of Africa

: More Like You

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  • 1 article credited in CCM: 1980.
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