Sweet Comfort Band

Media coverage:

  • Jan 1979 in CCM "Sweet Comfort Band"
  • Nov 1979 in Campus Life "Spotlight: Sweet Comfort Band"
  • Aug 1981 in CCM "Sweet Comfort Band"
  • May 1982 in CCM "News: Plane Crash Fails to Ground Sweet Comfort"
  • Jun 1983 in CCM "Concert Review: Portland, Oregon, April 8"
  • 1995 in Syndicate "Sweet Comfort Band", by Chris Well
  • Apr 1997 in CCM "Rewind: Sweet Emotion", by Devlin Donaldson
  • Jul 1998 in CCM "Don't You Forget About Me: Sweet Comfort Band"

Albums & reviews:

: Sweet Comfort
: Breakin' the Ice
: Hold On Tight
  • Jan 1980 in CCM
: Hearts of Fire!
: Cutting Edge
: Perfect Timing
: Breakin' the Ice [Reissue]

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  • "Sweet Comfort Band" in The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music (, )
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