The Swirling Eddies

Media coverage:

  • Dec 1988 in CCM "Notebook: Frontline Sez: Guess The Eddies"
  • Feb 1989 in CCM "Notebook: Terry Taylor Stops Kidding Around", by Brian Quincy Newcomb
  • Spr 1989 in Harvest Rock Syndicate "The Spinning Vortex Into An Overnight Success", by Kevin Allison
  • Mar 1990 in CCM "Still Spinning After All These Years", by M. Scott Dwinell
  • Mar 2009 in Down The Line "Gene "Eugene" Andrusco: His Friends and Family Remember: Terry Scott Taylor (Daniel Amos, The Swirling Eddies, The Lost Dogs) on Gene Eugene"

Albums & reviews:

: Let's Spin
: Outdoor Elvis
: Spittle and Phlegm
: Zoom Daddy
: The Berry Vest of the Swirling Eddies

: Sacred Cows: Songs that Helped Us
: The Midget, The Speck & The Molecule

Books about The Swirling Eddies

  • "The Swirling Eddies" in The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music (, )
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