Media coverage:

  • Aug 1999 in CCM "Talent Pool: Indies: Enter the Worship Circle (100 Portraits, Waterdeep), Derek Shacklett", by Jerry Chamberlain
  • Oct 1999 in CCM "Underdogs: Freshman Class of 1999: Waterdeep", by Melissa Riddle
  • Mar 2000 in 7ball "News Item: 100 Portraits, Waterdeep"
  • May 2000 in Campus Life "Tell Me About It: Waterdeep"
  • Jun 2000 in CCM "On The Beat: Pop Worship", by Sarah Aldridge-McNeece
  • Aug 2000 in CCM "What Is Worship?"
  • May 2001 in CCM "All Access: Waterdeep Forges New Lineup", by Beau Black
  • Nov 2003 in CCM "Story Behind the Song: You Are So Good To Me", by Jessica Robin

Albums & reviews:

: To Chase Away The Birds

: Sink or Swim
: Live at The New Earth

: Everyone's Beautiful
: Enter the Worship Circle with 100 Portraits
: You Are So Good to Me
: Whole 'Nother Deal
: Live 3.26.03 Muncie, Indiana

: Heart Attack Time Machine

: Pink & Blue
: In the Middle of It
: No Doubt of Sunshine
: Tandem

Books about Waterdeep

  • "Waterdeep" in The Encyclopedia of Contemporary Christian Music (, )
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