Harvest Rock Syndicate, Sum 1988, vol. 3, iss. 2

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Cover of Harvest Rock Syndicate, Sum 1988 v. 3, i. 2, featuring Tonio K.
Writers in this Issue
Allison, Kevin
Cleric, Johnny R.
Darden, Kathryn E.
Delaney, Michael
Easterling, Greg
Eischer, Mark
Faris, T. L.
Fincher, Mary Kay
Granger, Thom
Graves, Angie
Newcomb, Brian Quincy
Rice, Brian
Schmitz, Paul A
Strange, Ernest P.
Well, Chris

Tonio K.

Cover Feature:
  • "Leaves From The Notebook of a Tamed Cynic" by Thom Granger
  • "D & K Concert Video" by Kathryn E. Darden
  • "Steve Taylor Blew Up Christian Music... Real Good!" by Chris Well
  • "The Alarm Make A Stand" by Greg Easterling
  • "Mellow Thunder" by Kevin Allison
  • "Brave New Flock" by Paul A Schmitz
  • "Gary Chapman's Everyday Manner" by Mark Eischer
  • "Level Heads Work It Out" by Kevin Allison
Hot Prospects:Tapping The Underground:Metal Shop: Reviews:
  • Saint - Too Late For Living by Ernest P. Strange
  • Daniel Band - Running Out of Time by Ernest P. Strange
  • Neon Cross - Neon Cross by Ernest P. Strange
  • Whitecross - Love On The Line by Ernest P. Strange
  • Rosanna's Raiders - Calling Down Fire by Ernest P. Strange
  • Divine Right - Tongues of Fire by Ernest P. Strange
  • Valor - Masquerade by Ernest P. Strange
  • various artists - Heavy Righteous Metal by Ernest P. Strange
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        Issue list        
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