Comeback Kid

On the cover
HM, January / February 2005 #111
January 2005

Media coverage:

  • Jan 2003 in HM "Hardnews: Comeback Kid", by Daniel Isaac
  • Jul 2004 in HM "Poster: Comeback Kid"
  • Jan 2005 in HM "The Comeback Kid Story", by David Allen
  • Spr 2007 in Uprise Zine "Featured Bands: Comeback Kid"
  • May 2007 in HM "With Bloodshot Eyes And Sore Wrists", by Seth Werkheiser
  • Sep 2010 in HM "Comeback Kid", by Jeff Cunningham
  • Mar 2014 in HM "True To Their Name: How Comeback Kid Managed to Write One of the Best Records of the Year", by Collin Simula

Albums & reviews:

: Turn It Around
: Wake The Dead
: Broadcasting...
: Through the Noise
: Die Knowing
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